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Adding More than Just Value to Your Home with Car Garages and Steel Sheds

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Enriching Homes and Lives with Apex Steel Sheds and Car Garages

Sheds and garages that add more than just value to your home

Apex Home Improvements has one of the largest selections of quality steel garages and sheds in Adelaide. All Apex garages are built from hi-tensile steel, using superior proven designs and manufactured in our factory to your specifications, an Apex garage will add value to your home while keeping your car, boat, caravan or other precious goods safe and secure.

Choose from a wide range of styles, colours, door options and accessories to match existing buildings or landscaping. Built tough to exacting standards, you can assemble yourself using Apex detailed plans, or have the Apex Installation Team do it for you.

Domestic Sheds & Garage Installation

Need some serious storage space at home? Apex has a huge range of solutions to choose from.

Readily designed to house one, two, or multiple vehicles a Apex Home Improvements steel garage in Adelaide can be sized to suit. Why not combine a workshop area or store alongside the vehicle parking space. Garages start from 3.4m wide up to 30m wide and any length you require.

An Apex steel garages and sheds offers an extremely affordable and secure home for the family vehicle, four-wheel drive, trailer, bike, or van. Customising your new garage to suit your personal needs costs you no more. Manufactured to your specifications, or one of our standard designs, we can deliver exactly what you want.

Effortless Access and Durability with custom-made sheds

By incorporating a very popular style of roller doors into our garage designs, we are able to offer a low maintenance and easy method of accessing your vehicles. For even greater ease of use, ask us about including an automated door opener.
Other options that are sure to create interest include personal access doors, windows, skylights, whirlybirds and insulation.

Made to exacting standards and only from tough Australian steel, you know it is built to last, in fact we guarantee it structurally for 20 years. Install yourself, or Apex Home Improvements will arrange to have our professional trades do it for you. It’s so easy!
Apex Home Improvements is a South Australian owned company that is committed to using only Australian made steel.

Stylish and Durable Steel Sheds

Rural & Farm Sheds

Apex rural and farm sheds are made for any application you can dream up. Hay or equipment storage, stables, office, workshop, manufacturing or any combination, we’ve built them all. Manufactured from genuine BlueScope hi-tensile steel sections for long life and low maintenance, and engineered to comply with relevant Standards Association of Australia codes.

Designed for full or partly enclosed walls, there are also options that may also be enclosed with concrete, or panels. Apex manufactures to a modular system so span and eave heights are to your requirements. Building lengths are infinitely variable by adjusting intermediate portal frame locations.

Garden sheds are always popular in Adelaide because they’re so versatile. However, for something a little bigger, sturdy garage or shed built with reliable Colorbond® steel can be used to store vehicles, as a workshop, or even double as an entertaining area. So, there are many popular shed styles in Adelaide. Most importantly, we offer custom sheds, meaning you get exactly the shed you need, made and constructed to order.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right shed size. Firstly, you must check local council guidelines. If there are restrictions on structure height or size, you’ll need to be aware of these. Aside from council considerations, you really just need to consider what you’ll use the garage or shed for. A shed for storing garden tools can be much smaller than a shed you intend to store a vehicle in. Our experts work with you to determine your needs. So, don’t worry – we’ll make sure your garden shed meets your needs.

You absolutely can! Our designers work closely with you to ensure the early shed design meets your needs. If you have specific requirements for size, shape, access points, windows or anything else, we’ll ensure we bring your vision to life.

Most shed installers in Adelaide will tell you that premium materials are essential. Without good materials, you can compromise the integrity of your structure and risk problems in years to come. Our sheds are built using ultra-durable Colorbond® steel. It’s known as the gold standard for sheds, cladding and roofing throughout Australia because it’s been tested and proven in harsh Ausssie conditions. We know how intense the heat can be during Adelaide summers, and that’s why we trust the quality of Colorbond® steel products.

There are certain situations where you don’t require approval to install a shed in Adelaide. For example, if it’s a standard-size shed being added to your existing home, you usually don’t need approval. With that said, larger industrial sheds in Adelaide are likely to exceed size restrictions and require approval.

Don’t worry, we’ll assess your property and investigate any planning approval that may or may not be required. If we need any sort of building approval to satisfy local council guidelines, we’ll take care of this process and keep you informed along the way.

Shed installation times can vary significantly depending on the scope of the project. Larger sheds typically take longer to install. Substantial site preparation is usually required, so this can also take longer if the ground is not level. When we provide your initial quote, we will also provide an accurate timeframe for construction.

Flexible payments that make sense

Using a payment plan is an easy way to make a purchase and then repay over time, with handypay you can get your next home improvement project under way today! Want to know more? Simply call us on 8297 9577 or read more about handypay HERE.

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Exceptional Investment with Genuine Service

Apex genuine customer service, 20 year structural guarantee and factory-direct prices mean you will have made an exceptional investment decision by purchasing an Apex garage.

Call (08) 8297 9577 for a free measure and quote today… it’s so easy!

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